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My book, "In Love With Everything," describes how the apophatic mystical process produces a sense of nearly unshakable well-being, along with a spontaneous love for all beings and all of Being. This mystical book will give you a practical understanding of the practice of mysticism.
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About Raymond Sigrist

From a mystical point of view, I think there is a lot to be said for ignoring personal history, and yet there is a little to be said in favor of giving a brief resume. I've worked as a day-laborer in Queens, New York; a brakeman on the Norfolk and Western railroad; a farmhand near Dundee, Ohio; a high school teacher in Tamale, Ghana; a forward artillery observer at Khe Sahn, Vietnam; a psychiatric nurse in Los Angeles; a plumber's assistant in the World Bank building; and a busboy in Athens, Ohio.

I've practiced mystical cultivation for a number of years, and although I am good at it, I have only scratched the surface. Despite being at this modest level, I have no problem appreciating what it is that causes me to love you and every other being. These are the ideas that my new book about mysticism addresses.

Author Raymond Sigrist follows the tradition of Chinese mystic Zhuangzi in his spiritual book "In Love With Everything." Check out  today. For the facebook Blog go to: Apophatic mysticism


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